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24tube 200w DOUBLE

For people who prefer to tan laying down in 1 session.

The Elite 24 tube double unit combines stylish curves & several unique features to provide the ultimate home use lay down sunbed.

The “Body Breeze” system is attached to the lie down sunbed containing 3 fans to remain help remain cool during tanning.

The fans can be turned on and off as the user chooses.

The canopy and the base of this sunbed are curved to enhance the all over body tanning performance to tan you evenly. Both the canopy and the base contain 9 full length tubes. The canopy also contains 4 short booster tubes which can be used to enhance the tanning of your legs or face.

The canopy’s height is adjusted by the hydraulic lift assist mechanism to give you finger tip control of the canopy to give you the most comfortable sunbed session.

extend my hire

When you have a sunbed on hire from us, one of the team will contact 2-3 days before the end of the hire to ask if you would like to extend. All extension rates can be found below.

Hire rates for this lie down

2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Week
£90 £120 £150 £37.50


Space required

this sunbed requires a floor space of around 2meters by 1 metre

Power required

Power requirement is 1 three pin socket within approximately 8 ft of the sunbed (we recommend that you plug this sunbed into the wall socket directly, without using an extension lead or using a double 3 pin adapter).

The range of Elite Double Lie down Sunbeds is fitted with 2 x 10 minute control timers.

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